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Brand Development

Exploring the history and processes
of brand development and learn to utilize some of the tools used by marketing professionals.

Graphic Design

Utilize the art of planning and projecting ideas and experiences

with visual and textual content.

I'm an experienced creative director with love for brand development and strategic marketing.

HeyDesignGuy is a B-Corp and innovative venture that believes in purpose over profit. The goal is to help companies like yours, schools, and non-profit organizations enhance their brand awareness with an education on the proper use of social media tools, messaging and overall engaging design. My passion is educating those willing to learn and use my gift of design to empower and create growth for your company and in our communities.

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Skills Include

Graphic Design

Brand Development
User Design Research

Web Design

Internet Marketing

Creative Writing

​Social Media

Creative Writing

Provide discussion, collaboration and practical exercises that will expand the way you think and tell your brand's story!

Internet Marketing

Show you how to effectively utilize the Internet, search engines, and social networking tools to unleash the potential of your brand!